A trade show is the unique opportunity to see all the industry players gathered together in the same place at the same time. It is also the perfect time for efficient sales prospecting with face to face meetings!

A strategic advantage

Are you interested in promoting your new products ? Increase the visibility of your company?

Including participation in a trade show in your marketing strategy is a major asset in reaching your objectives as it brings together supply and demand. Trade shows are business accelerator and offer several advantages.

Infographic summarizing 4 reasons to include a trade show in your marketing strategy

The key learnings of this infographics

  • 75% of the trade show exhibitors are satisfied with their return on investment. For €1 invested, exhibiting at a trade show enables firms to generate 10 euros of turnover on average.
  • 65% of professionals think that trade shows are important for their company
  • A trade show helps you reinstate human contact at the centre of your marketing initiatives, it's the best promotional tool in bang-for-buck terms
  • A trade show is also an exceptional occasion to maximise your visibility in the media and to present your new products to the specialist trade journalist and media title.

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