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Digital communication tools


"Your logo" Pack

Value €800 excl. VAT
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Enhance your brand's visibility with an outstanding presence on our website!

Our exclusive offer allows you to place your distinctive logo in the exhibitors' list, providing a golden opportunity to capture the attention of targeted visitors.

  • Strengthen your brand image with this presence on the Djazagro site,
  • Take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase your company, its products, and services interactively.

Our platform is designed to maximize your visibility and reinforce your position in your industry.


"Your banner" Pack

Value €1090 excl. VAT
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Take advantage of a marketing opportunity with our exclusive banner ad placements on the homepage of our website!

Until June 2024, enhance your company's profile with three premium spots available to display your banner. This strategic presence ensures maximum visibility to a broad and diverse audience.

  • Your brand will be the focal point of our site, capturing attention from the very first moment of the visit.
  • With an extended display duration, you'll benefit from constant exposure that will strengthen your brand recognition and stimulate interest in your products or services.
  • Ideal for product launches, promotional campaigns, or simply to increase your brand's awareness.

Seize this unique opportunity to propel your business to the forefront on our platform until June 2024.


"Newsletters Sponsoring" Pack

Value €990 excl. VAT
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Maximize your marketing impact and broaden your reach with our exclusive newsletter sponsorship opportunity.

By integrating your banner into three of our carefully crafted newsletters, your business will directly reach the visitors of Djazagro, a targeted and engaged audience.

This digital marketing strategy offers you:

  • Exceptional visibility,
  • The opportunity for your brand to stand out in the minds of interested consumers.

Each newsletter is a chance to:

  • Capture attention,
  • Strengthen your brand recognition,
  • Effectively communicate your key messages to an audience already interested in your sector.

Seize this unique opportunity to showcase your products, services, or promotions to a qualified audience, thereby increasing your chances of customer conversion and retention.


"Newsletters Sponsoring" Exclusive Pack

Value €1990 excl. VAT
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Seize an exclusive and highly targeted digital marketing opportunity with our newsletter sponsorship offer.

By integrating your advertising banner into the registration confirmation newsletter, accompanying the delivery of the Visitor e-badge, your brand will gain exceptional visibility among an engaged and interested audience.

Each e-badge sent represents a new opportunity to directly reach your target audience, offering a unique showcase for your company, products, or services.

This exclusive placement in the registration confirmation newsletter is an effective way to:

  • Increase brand awareness,
  • Drive traffic to your website,
  • Stimulate interest in your special offers or product launches.

Take advantage of this unique chance to meaningfully connect with participants even before the event begins, through well-placed and strategically timed advertising.

Increase your visibility on Djazagro 2024

Sponsoring on site


"Badge holder lanyards"* Exclusive Pack

Value €5990 excl. VAT

*Manufacture and delivery by your own means
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Give your brand unparalleled visibility with our 'Exclusive Pack', which offers the placement of your logo on lanyards distributed to all visitors at the entrance of the trade show.

This is a golden opportunity for your company to stand out to every participant from their very first interaction with the event. Badge lanyards are essential accessories, constantly visible and used throughout the show, providing continuous and remarkable exposure for your brand.

This exclusive pack is a clever marketing strategy to:

  • Reach a wide audience,
  • Maximize visibility,
  • Establish a prominent presence.

Seize this unique opportunity to increase your brand's awareness and create meaningful networking opportunities in a dynamic professional environment.


"Totem" Pack

Value €1200 excl. VAT
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Discover our 'Totem Pack', a dynamic and visually impactful marketing solution, ideal for capturing attention in a highly frequented space.

Located on the central esplanade, a key meeting point between the different halls, our totems offer exceptional visibility for your brand. These imposing and elegant structures are perfect for presenting your company, your products, or your services to a wide audience of professionals and visitors.

Their strategic placement in the heart of the trade show:

  • Ensures maximum visibility throughout the event,
  • Draws attention to your booth,
  • Is an effective way to stand out.

Take advantage of this unique advertising platform to create a striking and memorable presence, and to maximize the impact of your participation in the trade show.


"Flyers" Pack

Value €1570 excl. VAT
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The 'Flyers Pack' is a direct and personal marketing solution designed to maximize the impact of your communication at a professional trade show.

This option allows you to distribute promotional flyers, crafted by you, directly into the hands of visitors as they enter the event. This field marketing approach offers a unique opportunity to make a strong and memorable first impression.

By distributing at the entrance of the show, you reach a broad and diverse audience right from the start of their experience.

  • Increase the visibility of your brand.
  • Generate traffic to your exhibition space.

Seize this opportunity to interact directly with participants and leave a lasting impression as they arrive at the show.

A commercial offer designed with you and for you!

Space sponsorship


"Space sponsorship" Pack

Price to be determined according to the quote
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Optimize your presence at Djazagro with our tailor-made space sponsorship offer, specially designed to meet your communication needs and facilitate meetings with your clientele.

We offer the exclusive rental of the AL MAACHI room, an elegant and versatile space, ideal for hosting your events, conferences, or meetings with clients and prospects. Strategically located between Halls A and C, the AL MAACHI room enjoys a central position, facilitating access and visibility to the salon's participants.

Fully equipped with:

  • High-quality sound system,
  • Video projector,
  • Large screen.

This room provides all the necessary amenities for a professional and impactful presentation.

For specific needs or additional customization, our commercial team is at your disposal to discuss and evaluate your requests, ensuring an experience perfectly tailored to your business and marketing objectives.