To be successful at a trade show, you have to be prepared... And to do that, you have to adopt the right reflexes! Keep our infographic in front of you to apply the B2B trade show exhibitor's routine before, during and after the event. Our tips will (almost) ensure the success of your trade fair!
Infographic on the right reflexes to adopt at a trade show

Trade show preparation: think strategy

You don't decide to exhibit at a trade show on a whim: a trade show is something you think about and prepare for!

Start by defining your objective: what do you expect from Djazagro? Are you hoping for visibility? Promote your solutions and products? To sign contracts? Everything stems from these objectives, defining them must be your priority.

Once the objectives have been defined, you must draw up your action plan: a real roadmap, it should give you the means to speak clearly to your target, and to prepare the right media, material (business cards, product brochures, etc.) and information. Adapt your speech to your strategy!

Also remember to adapt to the diversity of the audience: don't let the language barrier stand in your way.

Running your stand: the welcome attitude

The welcome must be a priority. You must encourage productive meetings with your prospects, customers and partners. To do this, you need to adopt a real welcoming attitude. Don't panic, this "Welcome Attitude" is based on very simple principles: no crossed arms, permanent presence on the stand, smile, occupation of the space (you don't stay in your corner behind a computer)...

The importance of the stand. Your stand must be open and dynamic, reflect the image of your company and be the right size!

Very concrete advice: logistics and equipment

Remember to anticipate accommodation and transport issues and to provide your staff with all the necessary tools (communication media, kakemono, POS material, tablet for digital presentation, CRM interface, etc.). Do you want to encourage your current and prospective customers to come and meet you at the exhibition? Remember to send out invitations in good time to maximise their impact (not too early, not too late)!

With our infographic on the best practices to adopt to make your trade show a success, you are sure of your shot! And don't wait until the last minute to get ready... One last tip: wear comfortable but stylish shoes, because you'll be walking a lot of miles inside your stand and the show! It's up to you.