Since 2022, the Agora des Experts has been the place to meet and exchange ideas at the heart of the Djazagro trade show.

Throughout the expo, a rich program of conferences is offered to visitors who wish to discover the industry's latest news, presented in person by numerous renowned experts, both Algerian and international.

Orchestrated and animated since its creation by NutriMarketing, the program was designed for 2024 in collaboration with Agroligne magazine.

These conferences addressed various themes, such as:

  1. Valorization of local products through processing
  2. The future of agricultural and agri-food exports
  3. The African market for organic products
  4. Innovations in terms of packaging, quality, and safety
  5. Food waste within the agri-food industries
  6. Food safety

Unique industrial tours and numerous exciting initiatives and events awaited professionals at the 2024 edition!

Edition program of 2024:

Monday, April 22

  • 11:30am - 12:15pm: Food Waste

Mr. Mokrane NOUAD, International Expert specialized in Agri-food Industries

  • 12:30pm - 1:15pm: Current State of the Organic Products Market

Mr. Brahim SEDIKKI, Certification Manager - Biocert Company, Certification Body.

  • 1:45pm - 2:00pm: Djaz'Innov: Djazagro's innovation contest.

Presentation by the exhibitor MAGIETIQ SARL (Algeria)

  • 2:00pm - 2:45pm: The carob tree, tree of the future

Mr. Chakib BOUBLENZA, SARL Boublenza.

  • 3:00pm - 3:45pm: Quality management in food processing workshops - the HACCP method: a must.

Oussama BRAHIM, Quality Management Officer and PhD candidate in food quality control - SARL Biolab Veterinaire

Tuesday, April 23

  • 11:30am - 12:15pm: Valorization of local products in processing

Mr. GUESSOUS, Agronomist Expert in Olive Cultivation.

  • 1:00pm - 1:45pm: Djaz'Innov: Djazagro's innovation contest

Presentation by the exhibitors DMS and Bunge Loders Croklaan (Malaysia).

  • 2:00pm - 2:45pm: Alcohol-free soluble citrus extracts

Antoine GAMBART, Nactis.

  • 3:00pm – 3:45pm: Food processing plants: design and construction from the perspective of food safety

Mr. Messaoud KADEM, Consulting Engineer and expert in agro-food industries and manager of an agro-food studies & expertise consulting firm.

  • 4:00pm - 4:45pm: SIAL Paris 2024, the essential meeting for food industry stakeholders

Nicolas TRENTESAUX, Director General of SIAL Network.

  • 5:00pm - 5:45pm: Matured cheeses in Algeria: rules, conditions, processes.

Feriel ADIDOU, veterinary doctor and cheesemaker.

Wednesday, April 24

  • 11:30am - 12:15pm: Active Packaging: innovation and future

Mr. Abdelhalim BOUSSAA

  • 1:30pm - 2:30 PM: Djaz'Innov: Djazagro's innovation contest

Presentation by the exhibitors Cargill Algeria Eurl (Algeria) and AIT Ingredients (France)


  • 3:00pm - 3:45pm: Use of additives

Mr. Aissa ZELMATI, expert consultant in quality control and compliance of agro-food products.

  • 4:00pm - 4:45pm: Quality control in the Agri-food Industries

Mr. Aissa ZELMATI, expert consultant in quality control and compliance of agro-food products.

Thursday, April 25

  • 11:30am - 12:15pm: The African potential in agricultural and agri-food exports

Mr. Toufik HADKHEIL, President of the fruit and vegetable export cluster 


  • 2:15pm - 1:00pm: Workshop on packaging and recyclability

Dr. Imene CHENTIR, Senior Lecturer (HDR) at the Higher School of Food Sciences and Agri-food Industries of Algiers

  • 1:30pm - 2:30pm: Djaz’Innov: Djazagro's innovation contest

Presentation by the exhibitors V. Mane et Fils (France) and Goglio Spa (Italy)


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