Discover the companies and products nominated in various categories for the Djaz'Innov competition, including food, packaging, and safety.

The winners of Djaz'Innov 2023

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    360° product analysis machine from exhibitor 3U Vision SRL

    Gold medal

    Optica 3D

    Brand : 3U Vision SRL
    Country : Italy
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    A brioche and eggs

    Silver medal

    Egg Replacer

    Brand : AIT ingrédients
    Country : France
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    Mother holding her baby

    Silver medal

    Betapol Biologique (BIO) OPO

    Brand : Bunge Loders Croklaan
    Country : Malaysia
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    Milk packaging from exhibitor Agrofilm Packaging

    Bronze medal

    Aseptic packaging Made in Algeria

    Brand : Agrofilm Packaging
    Country : Algeria
  • Milk packaging from exhibitor Agrofilm Packaging

    Jury's favorite


    Brand : Actondata
    Country : Algeria
  • Fully glazed building reflecting the environment

    Special Jury Prize


    Brand : JAC
    Country : France

Gold medal

  • Product : Optica 3D
  • Product description : Color and shape sorting of a wide range of products: cereals, pulses, coffee, seeds, dried fruit. This new technology enables precise 360° product analysis, even in the non-visible spectrum. We ensure food safety that increasingly meets the requirements of European regulations and the Algerian market.
  • Manufacturer : 3U Vision SRL
  • Country : Italy

Silver medal

  • Product : Egg Replacer
  • Product description : The EGG REPLACER range of improvers is made up of solutions for partially or totally replacing eggs in brioche products. Its use gives products a better hydration capacity. AIT Ingrédients, a leading specialist in functional ingredients, offers a solution for replacing all or part of the eggs used in brioche-type yellow doughs. The aim is twofold: to reduce the cost of eggs (which have undergone strong inflation), and/or to meet the growing demand for animal-free (Vegan) products. What's more, its use gives products a better hydration capacity, which makes them more economical. These solutions are easy to implement on production lines, with no need for heavy investment. "Our improvers enable bakery manufacturers to make significant economic gains in the face of the supply problems encountered by all egg users. Our improvers guarantee both the same characteristics & during manufacture and the same organoleptic qualities of their finished products.
  • Manufacturer : AIT ingrédients
  • Country : France

Silver medal

  • Product : Betapol Biologique (BIO) OPO
  • Product description : OPO is the most common fat found in breast milk. Plant-based OPO is the most clinically tested ingredient in infant formula. But certified organic OPO has been lacking on the market. In 2021, the company is developing Betapol Biologique OPO, the first certified organic infant formula in the EU and UK.
  • Manufacturer : Bunge Loders Croklaan
  • Country : Malaysia

Bronze medal

  • Product :Aseptic packaging Made in Algeria
  • Product description :This type of packaging is designed for milk-juice, as it is an aseptic package that ensures long preservation of foodstuffs at room temperature for up to a year, while preserving their nutritional and taste quality.
  • Manufacturer :Agrofilm Packaging
  • Country: Algeria

Jury's favorite

  • Product : ICOPONE 3O
  • Product description : A technology for developing vertical farms adapted to the Algerian environment and conditions: either as urban vertical farms to feed the cities, or as co-construction of housing and greenhouses for the inhabitants, or as intensive agricultural production. These modules are integrated into an environment where water is controlled and respected. First process developed by Universities and engineers who have been working for 7 years.
  • Manufacturer: Actondata
  • Country:Algeria

Special Jury Prize

  • Product description : JAC has been rewarded for its innovations over the years in the bakery sector. JAC, a specialist in processes and technologies for the bakery world, is present at DJAZAGRO and has contributed to increasing the bakery skills of Algerian professionals, thanks to tools and technologies adapted to field requirements. The 3 latest innovations presented at DJAZAGRO are :

2023: Tradi Levain: customize your own sourdough using less yeast

2022: Forming divider for manual dough cranking (no electricity required)

2021 : A small-model RollForm shaper: more suited to smaller workshops.

  • Manufacturer: JAC
  • Country: France

Djaz'Innov 2023 nominees

Categort Process :


  • DM Packaging Group SRL (Italy) – Booth CT B 046

Product: Miniflow Mickey Edition

  • 3U Vision srl (Italy) – Booth C C 033

Product: Optica HD

  • Uteco (Italy) – Booth CT E 084

Product: Onyx Go

Category : Food and ingredients

  • Bunge Loders Croklaan (Malaysia) – Booth A B 008

Product: Betapol biologique OPO

  • AIT Ingrédients (France) – Booth CT C 116

Product: Egg Replacer

Category : Packaging

  • Agrofilm Packaging (Algeria) – Booth CT B 119

Product: Aseptical packaging Made In Algeria

  • Concept Emballage (Algeria) – Booth CT E 042

Product: Laser cut 3D labels

  • General Emballage (Algeria) – Booth CT G 041

Product: Waste recuperation unit

Category: Quality / Safety

  • Bunge Loders Croklaan (Malaisie) – Booth A B 008

Product: Betapol biologique OPO

  • 3U Vision srl (Italie) – Booth C C 033

Product: Optica HD